A Chinatown inspired restaurant in Maginhawa St.?

Pakibalot Panciteria

We came back again to Maginhawa St. in Quezon City…too eager to try to this restaurant as they are always full of costumers and many are waiting for vacancy outside of their restaurant ...

But one Sunday we were happy to see that there are no costumers waiting outsideso excited we went inside to try their food…

Pakibalot Panciteria ia located at 122 Maginhawa St.
No costumers waiting outside so we decided to go in and try their food…
A very simple chinese inspired interior…
A very simple plate and untensils too…
We ordered a Beef Broccoli…but very average in taste…
Their Lumpia Shanghai has big servings- check! ..Taste a little bit ok…but will not even excite you…
Our bill cost a little bit higher than our budget of P100. ea

I rated Pakibalot Panciteria with only 3 stars…

5 star rating
I’l be honest its just an average…don’t go out your way to visit…unless you live nearby and tired of all the wonderful foodshops around that area….

What’s in Payag?

Payag is the name of a restaurant we tried in Bohol…it has 2 branches one in Tagbilaran and the other one in Panglao island…

Our hotel the Henann Resort Bohol was in Panglao so we went to their Panglao branch…

@ Alona Beach, Tawala, 6340 Panglao, Bohol,

Payag Restaurant in Tagbilaran= 18 C.P.G. East Avenue, Tagbilaran City, S. Matig-a Street, Tagbilaran City, Bohol
(038) 501 7852

The beautifu Alona beach in Panglao
Payag in Panglao Island…Located at Tawala street…Alona Beach
We came a little bit early for lunch…we have to wait for 15 mins. for the resturant to open at 11am…
Their tarpulin is a little bit crumpled…but the interior of the restaurant was lovely….
I ordered a 2 pc Pork Barbecue with rice…taste good!
Here is the other photo of Payag’s pork barbecue for only P69. …looks deliscioso…yes a real yum!
Chicken combo meal with unli rice for only P105.  was a real hit.
We ordered Halo-halo in Buko for P85.  but no stock so we got this one for only P70. ..another thumbs up for this!
Me doing the thumbs up sign…
5 star rating
I rate Payag with 4 1/2 Stars…Because of their name Payag, their lovely Filipino theme in the restaurant…all furniture used was made of hard wood that makes you feel at home and the food of course are real good enough to be a Pilipino pride…
thumbs up
Whe you are in Bohol…I recommend!


Good Burger? Was it so good?

Whenever I’m alone and need to eat something fast and tasty…I would rather grab a burger…And one of the best burgers I ever tasted is from Maginhawa St., in Quezon City…

They named their business- Good Burger and lived of what is expected…Not only mouth watering…it was so good and flavorful to eat…And the best side is- its healthy as it claims to be…a vegetable burger.

Good Burger has 4 branches and check out Munch Punch updated its new locations=

Thank you Munch Punch!


Their small signage in Maginhawa St., Quezon City
A small non air condition food stall…If you happen to arrive at noon time…Then you will be sweating the whole time eating there…But burgers are so fast to eat…so no problem…you will not be staying long there…
I ordered a BLT Burger and a bottled water…and they served a hot sauce and a catsup with it…
Here’s their BLT Burger…yummy to look at…and also so goooood to eat!
You can have other burger choices… We have tried other flavors and its also good!
How easy and so fast to eat…hmmmm…yummmy!
I dont know anything about PETA Proggy Awards….But what I know they are of a healthy food awardee…
I don’t mind paying a little bit higher….when you can get a yummy healthy thing…
5 star ratings
I gave Good Burger a 4 1/2 star…because not all healthy foods taste sooo good!
thumbs up
When you see me doing a thumbs up sign= Excellence!

Chaolong in Manila?

A Vietnamese, Filipino beef stew noodles called Pho in Vietnam is very popular in Puerto Princesa, Palawan… I was so hooked with Chaolong noodles of Bona’s Chaolong located in Manalo St. when I visited Palawan 2 years ago… this is one of the best restaurants in PalawanHow can I forget the smell of the fresh mint leaves that come along with the noodles…

So if you are in Puerto Princesa…take a tricycle to Manalo St., Since everyone knows Bona’s Chaolong for sure…you will never be lost…

Sometime later I heard about a Chaolong Noodle House here in Manila- The Bread and Bakers… I just couldn’t wait to give it a try…

Bona’s Chao Long in Palawan

Sign Board of Bona’s Chaolong in Puerto Princesa in Palawan
A big bowl of Chao Long…if you eat like a bird like me…then this can be shared by 2-3 persons…
We liked it sooo much!
Surely there will be leftovers…just like mine…

Bona’s Chaolong in Puerto Princesa is a dirt cheap about P50-55 pesos depending on how you like your meat… (For Buto-buto versions- meat that comes with bones) only for P55. And the big bowl, plain meat is only P50. asted Garlic bread is only P20. (I recommed this) But if you want a sandwich called bamhmi- with meat fillings is around P30 -35 pesos only…

I can only dream of having that Chaolong again…

I gave this noodles a 4 1/2 stars…

5 star ratings

thumbs up
I highly recommend…when you’re in Puerto Princesa Palawan…

Lately my daughter and I had been craving for noodles…and we thought of going to Bread and Bakers a Chaolong Noodle house along Roosevelt Ave. at 282-c, Munoz, Quezon City…I need to fill my longing…Hahaha!

The Chaolong in Manila is yummy too…but short with flavor with the original Bona’s Chaolong in Palawan (notice their bowl is too small than in Palawan)- me can finish it up all alone…But if you miss Chaolong in Palawan…You better eat here than taking a plane down there…
Somewhat pale in color…
Infront of a gasoline station…with a seven eleven store…
Dusty walls
Me and myself…

I gave Bread and Baker’s Chao long with 3 1/2 stars

5 star ratings
Try it…it can fill your longing for Chao Long…Hihi sorry no thumbs up photo…

Frost a little with Frost Tea?

It was one evening when me and my son Oliver had an appointmentbut suddenly was cancelled due to wrong communications… and it was too late to proceed then, as we were so hungry…Oh it was past dinner time…Idea springs up as we pass by Frost Tea in front ofthe St. Lukes Hospital in E. Rodriguez Ave. In Quezon city…

Frostea at E. Rodrigeuz ave. Quezon City
The frontage of Frostea…
Theyr’re specialty are Milk Tea and Shakes- We ordered Classic Milk Tea
Nice interior…
Their specialty Chinese Spareribs- a unique and authentic chinese taste…try it!
We ordered Spareribs paired with Classic Milk Tea…this combo is only P145….What a bargain!


They also deliver…
Me doing a thumb up sign…

4 Star’s with Frostea…

5 star ratings
I rate Frostea with 4 stars…

Please click on the link for more Frostea news update- https://www.facebook.com/FrosTeaMilkTea

God bless everyone!

Chilling it out with Sili Mango Shakes!

When my daughter Iris went to spend Holy Week in Bicol…she took pics from there for me to blog…

mt. mayon
The Mayon Volcano…

They went to Casagwa Ruins in Albay, Bicol…And happened to pass by Bicol’s specialty shakes…The Famous Sili Shakes…


iris jump

A refreshing drink…so sweet on your first sip…then will soon taste the hot  chili…but the drink over all was so good…another awesome expierence!

chili mango shake -P45 at Casagwa ruins, Albay Bicol
This big Chili Mango shake – is only P45. with different flavors to choose from at Casagwa Ruins, Albay Bicol
My daughter Iris recommending Jimaynah’s Shakes…

At Jimaynah’s Kainan for only P45….

A worth try whenever you are in Bicol…

My daughter Iris rate it with a 4 stars-

5 star ratings

thumbs up

I also recommed…

Frozen at Winter Garden resto?

I felt like a Snow Queen as I enter the Winter Garden Restaurant… Located at 299 Katipunan Ave, Loyola Heights, Quezon City. This is Beside Sango Restaurant in front of Ateneo de Manila University… They have a lovely winter theme  and I congratulate the owners who have the eclectic style in decorating…

Nice interior I thought… But lets get to the bottom of my mission- finding budget meals all over the Philippines…

They have a beautiful cute little sign board…
Chairs and tables aret lovely!
This is a pay as you order restaurant…just like the other newly opened ones…There are no waiters to get your orders only servers, you have to go to Kate and order your food…But I pay mine after I ate hihi…because I stay nearby her…
Iced Tea was good…soup was excellent but small serving…Spareribs was average…look at the fats. hihi…and Java rice was was not good all, its like a colored rice…But overall its not bad for a Budget meal of P95.
Lovely winter wall…
I love their  blue and white kitchen…I would love to have like this cool kitchen someday…
I was not able to finish all…see the fats on the spareribs…rice was so bland at all…they just colored it…but the mushroom soup was so nise and the Iced Tea was good too!

The food was just average…But I was told their specialty is their Nitrogen Desert (The Ice cream)…which do not fit with on this blog too expensive to try too…I think their Ice Cream was really good…But I want to go back and try their burgers someday…

 I rate Winter Garden  with 4 stars…sorry no recommendations (my thumbs up sign photo)…I am not satisfied with the food…I gave them a 4 star because of its lovely interior just like my favorite- Frozen The Movie…

5 star ratings
Interiors are lovely…that is why I gave a 4 star…

Kicking high with Karate kid…

One lazy afternoon after paying my bills…I checked out one of the restaurants in Farmers Plaza in Cubao Quezon city named KARATE KID

Karate Kid a very popular Japanese restaurant in Cubao…located on the 3rd floor in Farmers Plazawas truly a satisfying treat… I was not that hungry when I arrived there so… this is what I ordered-

1 ordered 4 pcs’. California Maki= P49. + 1 order Japanese Caramel Cream Puff= P39….

Karate Kid is located at 3rd Flr. Farmers Plaza
The interior was so nice!
You can order their Teriyaki Bento meals
Hmmmmmm….their California maki was so nice…and taste was great too!
Japanese Caramel Cream puff…yum!
Very satisfying indeed in a very low price…try it!

Karate Kid branches all over Metro Manila…

Thank you Munch Punch-


5 star ratings


I rate Karate Kid with 4 stars!

thumbs up
I recommend…

Arayat’s Pride- The Kabigting Halo-halo

I was asked to be the godmother of his 3rd child…a classmate of mine…who lives in Arayat, Pampanga…and after the Dedication celebration…Me and my son Oliver was invited to take a snack before heading home to Manila… to where? Of course to partake their pride the  famous Halo-halo of Arayat Pampanga “The Kabigting”

Kabigting now has a new building…
Everyone loves their Halo-halo…
Oliver with Pastor Ronald Catahan…and the lovely interior of the Kabigting new building…
The downside is- Kabigting staffs are a little bit off mannered…
For only P70. for a large container…This was sooo goood! They use carabao milk and pastillias as their main ingredients…hmmmmmm…yummy to the max!
Ptr. Louie and daughter Hannah and Ptr. Ronald…my son Oliver and I who took this pics…really enjoyed the Halo-halo! The best of the best!
They also had a wide range of food and snacks to offer…

If you’re travelling north and happen to pass by Arayat, Pampanga…Come and taste the Arayat’s pride- Kabigting Halo-halo for a big serving of P70. only…really yummy!!!

I rate Kabigting with 4 1/2 stars-

5 star ratings

thumbs up
I highly recommend! Muuuuahhh!

Hi Ho! It’s Rojo!

One Sunday me and Iris  get back to Maginhawa st. to try Rojo…Rojo is an Oven Baked Boneless Chicken restaurant…has now a new branch in 108 Maginhawa St. in Teachers Village Quezon City, but their 1st branch is in Madison Square, Ortigas Ave. Greenhills, San Juan.


The sign board…
My daughter Iris…
My order…Rojo Chicken with Asian Bbq flavor and garlic sauce…P129.00…this is really good!
Iris ordered the chicken with Mediteraenian flavor with a salsa sauce…for only P129.
The inside interior of Rojo
I ordered Pita bread for only P15. yummy! So good to pair with the baked chicken…
The restaurant is very clean…and the owner is hands-on, sometimes I saw her serving the costumers…and it is- Pay as you order restaurant…

My suggestion for 2 pax is- you order a half pounder chicken for only P229. Comes with pita bread that can be shared by 2 persons and a sauce of your choice(choose the Asian flavor…I suggest)..then you can add 2 pita bread…for only P15. ea.

To keep the budget-I always bring a bottled water with me…but you can also have their clean  service water too!

Truly satisfying…I rate Rojo with 4 star’s

5 star ratings

Maybe you wonder why I did not put my pic with a thumbs up sign here…it is not because the food here is not satisfying…it was really good-promise! But because of their price…a little bit higher than my regular budget of P100. budget…We have to splurge sometimes a little bit for adventure…Thanks everyone and God bless!